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GT 2.0 JTS 937A1000 Big End / Main Bearings..


Doing a bottom end rebuild on my alfa GT JTS. I have a query re. the correct bearings to order for big ends and mains. Dealers mention colour coding but there isnt any and thus not interested to help!

Big Ends......
The big ends removed are all B520 Glyco gl188's and have 73501434 stamped on them. Bearing 1&3 have 32 04 and 3618 stamped on them. Bearing 2&4 have 21 04 and 5103 stamped on them.

Only have main 1 out its got G174 Fm11 & 55188513 and B520 4j

Could anyone advise what i need to order? The glyco catalogue and ebay sellers seem to only reference 71-3994 for big ends and 72-3995 for mains.....Will these do the job????

Thanks for all help & suggestions in advance.

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