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Alfa gt 1.9 remap

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New to this forum; this being my first post. Just had my beloved GT remapped by the guys at Sunnyside Garage in Chadwell Heath. What a transformation! The power increase has been remapped in such a way that it comes in a completely linear fashion right up to its max rev. Although you`ll probably run out of road before you do so, or be right up that BM`s arse! It is extremely responsive in any gear and makes 1st largely redundant
The cost maybe be a bit more expensive( £360 including cleaning out egr valve and manifold pressure sensor), but these guys live and breath Alfa`s. This is my 5th Alfa, ie:
Sprint Veloce Plus
2.0 GTV
33 Cloverleaf 1.7
75 Twinspark LE
The last one was chipped and I thought that was quick, until now!
Don`t know about mileage yet, but as they informed me, if I drive normally I`ll see an imrovement. Not for a while though I`m going to have some fun!!!!
Will keep you informed
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Welcome to AO!

And if you have a couple of CPU cycles to spare on your laptop or home PC:
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