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hi all me and the wife went to the alfa exsp, on sunday at maidstone:cool: had a great day lots of food and drink and freebies for my son , and drove the 3.2 brera what a fantastic car looks like a work of art but alot slower than i exspected,then the 159 2.4 jtd 200 bhp i dont think so or my 156 jtd has been chipped with out me knowing. its not as much fun as my 156 to drive . the gt was the car was looking forward to driving the most and was going to buy one but not now,the dash looks to cheap and plasticly and the 1.9 jtd hasn,t enough power .all the cars are well built and put the older alfas to shame but are just not all that much fun to drive and didn,t put a big grin on my face like the 2.4 on full boost.still had a good day though:)
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