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When it was first launched in 1954, the Alfa Giulietta was a revelation. A passionate combination of practicality, svelte lines and surprising power.
That passion is very much alive in the latest Alfa Giulietta. Five-door practicality, packed with new technology, new interiors and high specifications for 2014. With coupé looks to inspire love at first sight.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Alfa Giulietta, which was first unveiled to the public on 19 April 1954 at the Turin Motor Show in Italy, Alfa Romeo UK is launching the
Alfa Giulietta Anniversary Event between 7 - 22nd April.

Throughout the April Alfa Giulietta Anniversary Event, every person that orders a new Alfa Giulietta Progression will be entered into a prize draw and one customer will be refunded the difference between the 1954 and 2014 OTR, effectively paying just £1,250†† for a new
Alfa Giulietta.

What’s more, right now take advantage of a £1,250 Deposit Contribution† towards your new Alfa Giulietta Progression.
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