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Can anyone itemise what changes were introduced for the MY08 Brera with any links to resources.

I found this link with the specifications described, but it does not quite clarify when the mechanical changes were introduced.

Was it in late 2007 when the 210BHP performance increase came, or was it when the interior was facelifted in 2008.

In 2007, on 57 plate cars, the turbo was changed from the 200BHP BV to the Garrett model giving 210BHP.
Were there any other changes at this time?

In 2008, on 58 cars and later, the interior was facelifted. Charcol dashboard, climate control changes, charcol roof lining, and the Sun View roof blind became optional.

The linked document suggests a lot of changes were unique to the 2008 facelifted model.
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