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Alfa 75 Screaming....

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I was driving home from work today and i heard a air rushing from under the hood. One of the breather hoses had snapped off. So i cut it an reattached it on the side of the road. But soon after the car stated making a mechanical squealing noise at the upper end of the throttle range. I had to make it back, but it progressively got worse to the point it squeals at anything above idle.

The car has lost most of its power and can barely make it up hills. I'm booking it in at the mechanic tomorrow but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what it might be. I'm sure it isn't any of the aux belts going to the ps, ac and alternator.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi,It seems to me you may have more than one problem,as for the squealing,it may be a bearing failing,may be on alternator,power steering pump or air-con or even the waterpump,but these would not affect engine power.Loss of power may be due to the main rubber hose between the airflow meter and the throttle housing,this can perish from the inside out due to oil contamination from the crankcase breather with the oil sitting inside, and allow to much air into engine as it is bypassing the air flow meter and can cause power loss,as you have mentioned the breather snapping off,this could be down to perishing and this may be your problem.If the engine starts and idles alright,but lacks power under load then there is an air leak.I hope this helps,Regards Graham.
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