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Alfa 2.4 20v pump change

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hello, I have already introduced myself, I am new to the group.

I upgraded the pump on my alfa 156 20v r65 to an r80. Everything is mounted but the engine starts and stalls immediately. I then bought a multijet boom with the 2 sensors.
what are the modifications and capture to do.
Thanks in advance

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First what rail sensor are u goin to use, your oem or from new rail, if goin to use new one, then u maybe need calibration. seccond thing, disconnect fuel pressure regulator from the pump, and put that on the rail. That should work.
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Merci. J'essaie ça au plus vite et je reviens vers toi pour te tenir au courant de l'évolution 👌
1 - 3 of 3 Posts