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You have probably done the job by now, but in case you haven't, or if someone else finds this on a search,the side clearance on the rods is not critical, as long as the end float on the crank is OK. The pistons will naturaly self centre in the bores.

If crank endfloat is too large you may push the front oil seal out and loose all your oil (it happened to me). Should be between .08 - .265 mm . standard thrust about 2.5 mm and available in + .127 mm oversize apparently

Actual bearing clearance should be .028-.083 mm, Who decides on these figures?? about 1-3 thou.

Torque should be 24-26 NM +60 degrees. Much debate about replacing rod bolts as you often have to replace stretch bolts that have this type of procedure, but general consensus seems to be that it is not necessary on these engines.
I think some just torque them to 50 NM
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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