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Hi All,
I've got a very weird and dangerous problem today while driving my alfa 166. My Seat (driver) and the backrest suddently started to move backwards by itself while I was driving (Promise I did not touch any buttons)! I nearly had an accident as due to the security belt fastening me to the seat, and being quite short, I was unable to touch any of the pedals, clutch, brakes , accelerator and almost not even the driving wheel. Fortunately, I was doing only about 40km/hr and not the usual 120, and I had to pull on the side and lift the hand brake to stop the car.
After that, I tried to set the seat back to the correct position but in vain, after like 1-2 mins, it would moved by itself, sometimes, just a few inches backwards and sometimes, all the way down as before.
I wanted to know if anyone of you got this problem before? I disconnected the power to the motor located under the seat to prevent it from moving. I believe thought that the circuit for the memory has been damaged either by water or humidity and thats what is causing that.
Anyway, for the time being, I am leaving the motor unplugged as I got really scared and cannot imagine what would have happened if I was on the highway, driving faster or overtaking.

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