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Hi all,
I live in Argentina and I've started my own project to put a turbo into my 164 Super (V6 24V), and I would like to share with you a link with a lot of photos of progress.

Here are some details of project:

New Forget Pistons 9:1 compression ratio.
Megasquirt 1 Plus to handle Ignition and Fuel.
T3/T4 hibrid turbine
Water Cooler
50lbs Injectors.

HP dessired: 330-380
PSIs: 10-12PSIs

Here is the link
Enturbando el Alfa (Multiple listo - Fotos 3).

Sorry because most of the comments are in spanish (my native lenguage) but there are a lot of pics Page 1 , 2 and 3.

Next steps are pull of the engine and put new pistons, etc.


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