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Hello, Im driving a Alfa 2.4 20v Blue Oltremare berlina, ofc, I‚m in love with the car, I`m trying not to change the original look, but enhace, or improve.

The Magneti Marelli original HU, for the fact is old and a bit outdated, but personaly I`m lovin it, it has all I need, with the adition of loudlink, u have MP3 reproducement from a USB stick, and BT as well.

Now the question, did anyone tryed to connect the original HU with a external more powerfull and higher quality amplifer ?

There are few methods to convert a speaker aux for the amp aux, whitch is the best ?

Is there any other method to get the saund from the HU to the amplifer, *keep in mind the quality of the sound.

There is probably a thread about the similar question on the forum, but I`m new on the forum and a usefull answer would be more than welcomed.

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