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After 7 years of ownership I have finally traded in my 70,000 mile Alfa 159 for a newer car (non Alfa). Apart from the replacement of the DMF clutch unit a few years back it had been generally reliable up until about 18 months ago. Since then I could not believe quite how much went wrong with it, the list being:

Front suspension upper wishbones
Engine management sensors
Alternator x 2
Rear parking sensors
Cruise control
Air Con compressor
Power steering pump
Front wheel bearing or drive shaft

What finally made me decide to change it was when I jacked up the O/S front of the car to investigate the front wheel noise, only to find that the box section that runs from the bulk head down to the front of the car and appears to support the lower suspension, had completely rotted through. The passenger side looked OK so this issue could have been on my car only, but I would urge anyone with a similar vintage example to check this.

I would add the handling and seat comfort on my new car is nowhere as good as the Alfa :beer:
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