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Well as CBA with it any more 3 towed back to my house in 1 year is not good.

Had a nice trip on Saturday from Newquay to Birmingham via being towed.

The rear strut has collapsed (Cup that holds the spring up on the shocker broke away), Also while on my holidays the car making odd noises when its revved (Sounds like turbo but on closer inspections sounds oddly like a pulley??)

So i am going to get this sold for spares or repair.

Sadly its only done 12000 miles on current clutch.

its had new front lefthand top mount ball joint done.

New thermostat

New sway bar doodars i cant remember the name of atm

New cambelt and water pump 25000 miles ago

EGR replaced

Also will be removing the android head unit and getting that sold (Restoring the original)

and it is towbarred
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