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Alfa 159 2.4 alloy wheels

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I've finally got my hands on a beautiful red alfa 159 with tan leather! Dreamt of this car for many a year so very happy to be a proud owner. I've got the standard 17" multispoke alloys but don't think they look very good... Would like to upgrade to some TI alloys. Is veloces the best place for these or has anyone got any similar tips or recommendations of other alloy wheels that fit/suit the 159. Thanks in advance.
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Well I would for for the Ti 19s...I think they look great on the 159, however if you want something a bit less costly, some nice 18's- there are some nice rotor blade style 18 alloys in anthracite...many to chose from. I also like the Brera s horseshoes. Veloces will probably get you what you want.

Yeh, 19" Ti's are smart, however, there are a few companies who offer the Ti wheels (or clones) in 18", you can pick up a set from Veloces in North London:

This is Wylett21's car with them fitted

These are the Wheels (add £75 per tyre)

Veloces also offer a more full Ti kit with skirts and the alloy mirrors (and 18" wheels)
The later also includes the tyres
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Thanks for the info chaps! Some good options there, would like to get the TI kit but think its maybe a little over priced. I'll keep you posted on what I decide to do but if anyone hears of any 19" ti wheels for sale on here, please let me know.
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