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Hi, I have just bought some oil from the Alfa Workshop for my Alfa 159 1.9 JTDm. It a 2006 (56) with 94k ion the clock. The manual says to use:

SELENIA WR SAE 5W-40 - FIAT 9.55535-N2 ACEA B3/B4 which is exactly what I've bought.

I have read that there is a better oil to use if your car has a DPF, which mine does. Which is a SELENIA WR PURE ENERGY SAE 5W-40.

The description from the selenia website is:

Selenia WR Pure Energy is a newly conceived fully synthetic lubricant capable of answering the needs of the most modern diesel engines. Passing the ACEA C2 specification certifies the low ash content, which is an indispensable characteristic to protect the particulate filter from residual combustion products that could cause dangerous clogging of the filter itself.

The description for the plan SELENIA WR SAE 5W-40 is:

Highly selected synthetic based oil for direct injection engines, both aspirated and turbo-charged. It is developed to respond to all requirements of the latest generation diesel engines (common-rail), where the revolutions per minute and the specific power of the engine are enhanced. As a result of the particular additives, it also ensures complete protection of the engine. Recommanded by Fiat / Lancia / Alfa Romeo for Multijet engine.

I do long motorway driving, so maybe the WR oil is ok.

Advice please.
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