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Hi All

Intermittently I turn key in engine won't start, or tick over or anything. Don't think its the known immobiliser fault as I don't get the key error, in fact the screen here goes black right as I'm turning the key (as opposed to all the oil, airbag,battery lights flashing up).
Only thing that fixes is opening door, getting out, locking and alarming with key fob, unlocking with key fob, getting in and turning key in ignition. This fixes evertime, fault only occurs 1 in 4 or 5 times starting the engine.
Also which I presume is connected, everytime I set the date for the display, it resets itself everytime I start the car up again, also clock losing 5 mins every couple of days.

I wanted to ask people in the know before getting hands too dirty as its my first ever alfa (so I don't know so much about cars.. :)

1.8 - 2003 - 156 1.8 Lusso. ( amazing looking and amazing driving when it starts..)

Greatly appreciate any of your wisdom!
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