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Alfa 156 2.4 JTD Engine cutting out

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The engine on my W reg 2.4 diesel 156 has cut out whilst driving 3 times in the last week. The first two times I managed to restart the engine immediately, but yesterday on the M25 whilst cruising at 65 MPH the engine failed again and refused to start. After about 20 minutes on the hard shoulder, while awaiting the arrival of a recovery truck, I tried to start the car again and it started immediately and seemed to run fine? (I did let the recovery truck take me home, fearing the engine may cut out again on the motorway). This morning I spoke to Ned at Auto Lusso. He said it sounds like a faulty crank sensor? Has anyone experienced a similar problem? How easy is it to fit a crank sensor? Is it something that I could do with my trusty Halfords tool kit or is it best left to an Alfa specialist? Where is the sensor located? Would diagnostics find a faulty sensor if it fails intermittantly? One other thing, when the car wouldn't start there was a little tiny red warning symbol in the 1 o'clock position on the rev counter. It looks like stubby screw driver with 3 wires? going into the top and 3 lines of spray coming out of the bottom? - This is not mentioned in my handbook but is shown in the dash clocks layout diagrams ? Any help and advice will be gratefully received.
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Have a look at the link in this thread:

May be of some use
I had a similar thing happen to me ages ago in a company car I used to have - a Focus 18tdci - it was the crank sensor - that was a intermittent fault also.
Replaced crank sensor and problem was solved
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Many thanks for the info. The link was really useful and now I feel inspired to have a go at replacing the crank sensor myself. Thanks again ...
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