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Hello! Maybe anyone know how solve my problem.
What i have. When i buy my Alfa( 1,5 Years ago), car is be warmed up, next day when i run it, i see the problem.
And now, i dont know what i need to change to be ok.
Car started normally, 1400rpm, then 1200, then ~900, and when temp is above 50C, engine start working strange,(i cant find a words to say how it looks)
at the sound looks like mini explosions on exhaust. Turn Key Off, then on, start, working normally.......and 1-2 minutes problem came back(or if i touch gas pedal)
AND When engine above 90C, working fine.
BUT i think my horses go away from my car....(1.6 l car faster....) 11.5sec 0-100!!(on selespeed), now i have manual gearbox, but car still slow)

what i replaced:
altenator(low charging voltage on prev)
spark plugs
ignition coils
ignition wires
fuel injectors
Temp sensor
RPM sensor
knock sensor
I checked the intake for leaks
Fuel Pump 3.5-3,6 BAR all times
oil - only selenia
I Dont know what i need to do(((

Sorry maybe sometimes you don't understand me, English not mine primary language)
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