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hi guys, sorry for my poor english but i m a french guy staying in malaysia with my alfa romeo as mentioned in the title..

i bought this car new and i m taking good care of it so this 3 pb are not serious but i rather rectifiy them before anything bad happens... for this i need your experience and advise.

1st :
usually before i start the engine i wait the check up to be finished, but now i can see the orange heater light blinking for a few seconds and sometimes also after i already started the engine.

2nd :
my airbag red light is on permanently, i ve already checked the wiring under the both seats and they look intact.

3rd :
before when i started my engine, the air recycling light was automaticly activated once i turn on the ventilation switch to automatic or any level together with the a/c light, now all lights are off and i have to press both button everytime- i can feel also that the compressor starting with a delay of 5 to 10 seconds compare to 1s last time.

please help
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