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I've a Alfa 156 1.8 TS year 2000. Since one year ago the car has started to loss power. It seems that some horses went out.

I've used Alfadiag to check the ECU and i i've found 2 errors: P0170 and P0130. I've substitued the lambda sensor and now i don't have any errors. The problem is that the car continues without any energy.

I've measure de MAF and i found 1250 ohms between the pin 1 and 3. Is this normal ?
I also make all the actuators tests with alfadiag and apparently everything seems ok.

The idle actuator doesn't seem to be ok also. Sometimes the idle rotation has a variation between 500 and 1100 rpm. In any case the engine never wents down.

Can someone help with this issue? I don't know what to do the see the car again with its old soul.


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