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Did some investigation today with AlfaOBD. If I disconnect the sensor I get water temperature reading stable 120C. If I shortcut the sensor connector it shows -20C.
I connected the sensor and started cold engine. I had not used the car for two days.
Outside air temp 17C, Cabin air temp 17C, Coolant temp 59C?!
After 10minutes I had outside air temp 17C OK, Cabin air temp 25C (setting 20C), Coolant temp 31C?!
I also checked the engine (thermostat sensor) coolant temp at start and after 10minutes. It showed 18C-->about 60C OK!
I felt that the pipes to heater warmed up when engine was running. Where they 59C? Maeby not but surely more than 31C.

The coolant sensor (55188058) was replaced a while ago. When the fault was not fixed I just left the connector disconnected.

Any ideas? New sensor again?


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