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Have had a lovely Alfa Romeo 147 2.0 late 2002 model for 3 years with no problems!

Unfortunately the cambelt went which required an engine rebuild.
Two weeks after the rebuild started getting funny messages on the dashboard about fuel injection problems.
Couldn't get it sorted before going on holiday, on return three days later the immobiliser failed and we couldn't start the car.
The immobiliser was replaced and the car returned. The second time the car was used a couple of days later the immobiliser had gone again.
The garage diagnosed the problem as a relay melting in the computer, apparently because water got into it, because it didn't have a protective plastic bag/cover on it? !

Could anyone shed any light on why the computer wouldn't be adequately protected from water, where has the cover gone?!.

Would the protective plastic cover have been removed either as part of the engine rebuild, or the replacement of the immobiliser.

Only asking because the garage we are dealing with aren't being very communicative!:confused:

Thanks in advance,
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