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Good afternoon everyone,
Hope all is well.

Have a slight issue with my 147 Twinny. I have put new rear struts and new rear top mounts in the car. I've used the half type nuts to secure the mounts to the strut but when I put the mounts into the chassis turrets and tighten them up, they have vertical play and every time you go over a bump they knock real bad. Temp fix i machined up some spacers to fit under the top mounting cup against the chassis to pull the mounts further into the chassis to take up the play. Not ideal and want to fix the issue. I have used after market mounts. Should have stuck with gen im feeling. Does anyone have any insight into this as to why they would be so poorly fitting? Maybe I a spacer is required somewhere? Im using monroe GT gas struts. The mounting plates are bottoming out on the mount before really tightening up the mount into the turret.

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