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Hi Guys,

I am the owner of a 1971 Alfa Romeo 1750 Gtv.

The car was a daily driver till it picked up a starter issue last year.

When i removed the starter (8 tooth), i had found that the starter nose had completely broken off (images attached) and almost fell into the flywheel well.

I replaced the starter (8 tooth) with a spare one that i had. I ran the car for a few days with no issues until yesterday. On turning the key, i felt a sharp twisting of the engine. The car started and idled well. No funny noises when revving or driving. When i switched it off and tried restarting, i heard a dragging and scraping noise. I am guessing its the starter nose again!

I will be removing it again tomorrow to see the extent of the damage. If it is once again the starter, has anyone else had this issue or can someone advise me on where to find another 8 tooth starter.

Thanks in advance


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