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Alcantara headlining anyone??

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Thinking of swapping the tatty pale grey headlining in my GTV for this, anyone tried it? I can get a few metres of alcantara from work will it work on a non-flat surface? Think there might be issues because it won't stretch into curves and down pillars ?

Also I want it to be a dark grey, my visors are pale grey so will need swapping. Anyone know if visors came in dark grey/black? I guess someone like autolusso may have them in stock. Quick search on eBay didn't come up with any. Thanks all.

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From memory, someone has relined with alcantara but I don't know much more than that.

Sunvisors, grab handle/blanks are available in black but are very rare.

PH1 momo interior has black headlining and black visors, handles, etc, but as pkr said, really rare.

See if this guy still has the interior bits that went with this:

Not sure alcantara would be that easy to fit, there are some very tight bends. Its pretty hard with specific headlining fabric.
I am sure pretty much all of the early GTVs in Australia have the black headlining.. interesting if they're rare! It was one of the things I liked a lot about my GTV.
PH1 is dark
PH2 is grey
"Brads" PH1 was definitely black as I bought the black visors/handles off him :lol: Mine was beige/grey though, with black pillars.
I recovered mine last year and initially attempted to use Alcantara - was a total disaster, no backing on it just made it unworkable.

I then tried using proper foam backed black headlining material and it was fine - not easy and required real patience but 10 months on it still looks excellent
Alcantara comes in different grades. Our sofa covering has a backing . The upholsterer said never again!
My P1 is beige/light. Black pillars though.

really .................... i am sure this is similar to auto drop windows and twin fan radiators ........................... what its supposed to have is not always what it does have
thanks all for the replies. Also spoke to a car upholsterer yesterday and he wasnt too positive on alcantara!
I recovered mine during the winter including all the pillars,I got two sun visors from Germany,it looks great but a lot of work to get the old material off,there is a few videos on YouTube,I done it myself and was supprised by the finish,if anyone has black grab handles that's all I need to finish it.
I was lucky enough to source black grab handles and sun visors for £30.

Removing the old headlining is hard work but doing this properly is the key to success.

Proper foam backed headlining material is best - I bought black nylon - sounds awful but is actually very nice
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