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Hi All,
Sorry to bring up the subject once again but I've just had a new clutch fitted to my '97 2.0 TS and the alarm's not working. The battery was disconnected during fitting the clutch but I don't know if there was anything else that hasn't been reconnected. I've turned the alarm on through the switch in the glovebox, fitted a new battery to the key fob but I'm not getting any flashing LED's at the receiver.
Anyone any ideas what I should start checking?

Thanks in advance for any info,


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there is a procedure for re-setting the alarm but you need the four digit alarm code, not many 155 owners have it, often goes the same way as the master key :(

I think its something like press the receiver (in roof light) until led flashes then press corresponding number of times for each number......if that makes sense. Will do a search for it now!


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Ha! Found it, in the tech room under "Remote Control Door Locking" by Simon Atkinson. Here is the reply or check the whole thing if you want,;f=2;t=000199

"This is a copy of reply I sent some time ago to a similar problem. It looks at though you may have upset the alarm receiver which controls the central locking (it may have lost its memory). Does the alarm still arm OK? (The main alarm unit is not part of the central locking):
I take it you have 2 transmitter keys. First (blindingly obvious) check the
alarm is switched on, the switch is in the glovebox.

Now sit on the rear seats and look up at the roof receiver (its in the rear coutesy light). Hold the key nearby and press the button. If you see a steady green LED for about 2 secs then the roof rx has recognised the key. Under normal circumstances the
central locking would cycle and the alarm would arm. If you see the LED but
there is no reaction, then you would appear to have a wiring problem between
the roof Rx and the rest of the vehicle.

If however this doesn't happen, then you can open the memory of the roof Rx
using the the key code. The code should be a 4 digit number. CAUTION, I'm
not sure what happens if you get any of the following wrong.
First ensure that the alarm is turned on at the glovebox.
1. Press the button on the Rx for approx 2 secs. The LED should flash for
the whole time you hold the button.
2. Release the button. After approx 2 secs the LED should flash once. This
is a request for the first digit.
3. Press the button the number of times corresponding to the first digit, ie
if the first digit is 4, then give 4 presses. Every press should cause a
brief flash.
4. Approx 2 secs from the last press, the LED should flash again to request
the second digit.
5. Continue in the same way for the other 3 digits. If a digit is 0 then
don't press at all, just wait for another request flash.
6. Having entered all 4 digits, the LED will either stay oncontinuously
meaning that either there has been an error entering the code, or the code
is incorrect. Or the LED will flash, meaning that the code is good.
7. At this point if the LED is flashing, hold the rx button down and press
the tx button.The rx LED should light continuously if the code has been
8. There is a country setting procedure that follows but I'll omit this as
it defaults to EEC so don't do anything.
9. The rx LEd should now flash 6 times to show all is OK. If you get 18
flashes start again from point 1.
10 Repeat for key 2.

If you do not have the correct code, check what the National Security Agency
have on record, (that the sticker you should have on the windows, or a
dealer can check for you), as they are given all the key and immobiliser
codes at the time of importation.

If none of the above works at all, then you are looking at a new roof rx
(£90) and 2 or more new keys (£50 ea) plus fitting and programming. If this
happens to be the case, then you should be aware that then another similar
programming procedure applies, further details on request!

Hope that helps.



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hi all having same problem myself and have been told that the code i have does not match the alarm tryed to get number from nsvr but they said they would require a request from alfa dealer havent asked them to do it yet but do they charge for it ,i just keep getting the led staying lit

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called nsvr and requested number and went through alfa for it they came back to me with the mechanical immobiliser num and the number to get keys cut but they stated that they cannot record the actual alarm reseting num as it is illegal so it leaves me with either trying to replace roof sensor and keys or fit diff alarm and have a key that does nothing but look good
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