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Aircon & Power Steering

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I have a 2009 Mito and have had problems with the aircon for some time (being that it doesn't work much). During the winter the thermostat housing was leaking and I had constant cold air when it was -3 out (not great as you can imagine) and had that replaced. But before then, the aircon did not work.

If I drive along with the Aircon on and set to cold, it will sometimes work if it is cooler than about 19 degrees out (as I guess there is cold air n the system then?) however most the time I hear a whirring noise coming from the engine, guessing its the compressor and it whirrs for about 20 seconds then stops for a minute or so then starts again - during this time, all I get is warm air!

Also, today whilst driving around a round-a-bout, the cherry to top the cake, my power steering decided to stop working. I dont know if this could be related to the aircon, I highly doubt it.

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Is power steering really necessary? Have'nt driven anything really newish before the Mito....Imps old cavaliers and triumph toledo for example.....always feel with the mito not much feedback anyway...feels well light?
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