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hi there does anyone no where i can source a condensor for my car as mines been in for a radiator today and the garage said its probably been in some kind of front end collision.

and the air con is bent, im so sick of this car its unbelievable iv only had it 2 weeks and already spent £2400 on it and at best its only worth £2500.

but i have reached the point of no return and now my engine is refurbed,a new rad, im gonna keep her and cherish her for a couple of years, the problem with me is if something is not right i have got to have it done but after the air con im getting the old spanners out and going to do the brakes and suspension myself. If i could turn back time i would have found a better example but iv always been lucky in the past with cars but now i think my luck has changed. But i dont want this to ruin my experiance with alfa's as they are still one of the sexiest cars on the road .

but i just need the following parts any help from you good people would be great

fan and housing 2.0 selespeed 1999
air con condensor " " "

i think thats it for now but if any one has got used parts i would be interested

call me on 07890 643684
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