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Hi Chaps,
I was wondering if anyone knows whether it is possible to retro fit the factory air con system to a late wide bodied model ?
Any replies greatly appreciated.

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Hi Steve

In Denmark a lot of A/C systems was retro-fitted, due to the high Danish taxes on new cars.
I know that these systems were sold to the mecanics/garage (from AR) as a complete set, with everything that is needed for retro fit.
I have heard the price was about EUR 1900, without mounting, cooling liquid ect. (this for a electronic climat control)
My mecanic has done it, he told me that it takes about 4 days...probably even longer if it's a V6.

I don't think there is any difference in price, whether the car is a wide body or not.

Stay cool !....I know i will, but what the hell, i do have aircon:cool :)


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I asked the same on here a while ago - with a few negative responses - apparently you need to remove the whole dash to get a new heater matrix in - don't know how true this is. But I've got a great idea - you get all the parts from a scrappy, fit it and then tell me how difficult it was!!

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Last year i replaced the servo for air- recirculation in the climat control sytem.
To get to the servo (placed behind glovebox "under" right front speaker)I had to remove glovebox, climat-controlpanel, radio, panel around radio, panel around gear stick, panel under steering-wheel, ect. ect. is not difficult, it just takes damn long time.
With the experience mentioned above, i don't think it is possible to change heater matrix without removing the whole dashboard...anyway the time you save by not removing the dash, i think you'll waste by not having good access.

155 2,5 V6

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Hi Guys
My 2.0 TS 16v had A/C fitted right after delivery (new, as Christian U says, the DK tax system disfavor fitting before registration of a new car).
Part no. for the kit for a 155 TS 16v is/was 00059006120000 price € 1220.- + VAT.
My car had also a radio/CD changer, speakers, antenna modules, an alarm incorporated in the locking system and an engine heater incorporated in the heating and ventilation system of the car.
For all this work 33 hours was invoiced – my guess is that at least 20 hours went fitting the A/C.
It’s probably unlikely that the A/C kit is available now, but if you find a bend 155 with A/C it probably have to have the same engine family as yours, 4cyl 8V, 4cyl 16V, V6, 1,9 Diesel or 2,5 Diesel.
Hope this clears the A/C mysteries a little.
Alfisti regards
PS. My 155 have the electronic heating and ventilations controls which I think is necessary for the A/C.

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Thanks for the replies chaps.....
sounds as thought it could be more hassle than its worth ! I'll get my local friendly Alfa specialist to keep his ears to the ground just incase a suitable stuffed 155 crops up. :)
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