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We are happy to be able to offer Agreed Value Policies for modified vehicles. There is no charge for this benefit under our specialist schemes.

By having an Agreed Value on your vehicle you basically set a Guarenteed amount that you would receive in the event of a total loss claim. This avoids the process of the insurer making you offers and negotitations at a write off stage. Basically you have already set the value figure that you want on the insurance so if a claim occurs you basically get a cheque through for that amount (less your excess if the claim was your fault)

Its definately something worth having especially on a modified car as it gives you piece of mind.

If you decide to go with us on an Agreed Value basis you will need to provide some photorgraphs of the vehicle. These can be digital images e-mailed over or normal printed pictures posted in. If you have a Build thread or a Gallery on the forum you could just provide us links to that if prefered?

The agreed value can also be adjusted mid policy if you carry out further modifications.

We are very competitive when it comes to modified vehicles (with rates starting at £229 fully comp for lower mileage vehicles) so If you would like to receive a quotation from us please contact me at the office on 01277 650866 or drop me a PM with your contact details and i'll call you personally to run the quote.

You could also complete an application on our website Greenlight Insurance but I would need contact you to confirm a couple of details before providing a quote. Therefore if you completed the online form I would call you to discuss the value/modification option.

Agreed Value is only available through certain underwriters so if this is something you are keen on please let us know at quote stage so we can place on the correct product.

Best Regards
Greenlight Insurance
01277 650866
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