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In Australia, you can get early 1999 to 2001 models from $15000 to $23000 and later ones to about 2003 for up to $35000. To get English readies X by .4 approx. I think that the V6 would be a thrill but prob too greedy on fuel for serious transport. Im tempted to spend about 30k & buy a 2 litre still with AR warranty, & leather & elec hood. At 60 mph what is the engine revs @ 5th gear? Has the gearing altered in the last 7 years or so? I seek pointers to ease my torment.

The spider hasn't changed too much over the years, not as far as gearing goes anyway AFAIK. I would go for the 2.0, the V6 isn't as composed and feels front heavy. It's not so noticeable in the GTV, but the spider is less rigid and the V6 just doesn't feel as well balanced. I have a phase 1 (1997) 2.0 TS and it's lively enough to have fun and still goes well on the motorway.

Not sure what sort of rev's it would run at 60, but I do know it still isn't hitting the redline at 130mph on the motorway :) still a bit left to go.
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