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We'll i picked up my little beauty on Thursday and i have got to say i have fallen in love already.
Anyway cut a long story short the car came with the built in connect sat nav system. When i picked up the car i foolishly got caught up in the excitement and never got the dealer to actually show me the sat nav working. I was however assured that it does work without any problems. I was also advised at the time that it might be wise to jump on ebay and get an updated version of the software and it would only cost around £7 which i guess should have set alarm bells ringing.
The disc i have been given keeps producing error messages i think due to a number of deep scratches on the disc. Searching for a new disc from NAVTEQ i discovered it will cost close to £100 for a new disc, which i'm not prepared to pay.

I'm wondering your thoughts on what i should do if i go back to the dealer and tell them to sort it? Should i ask for them to aquire a new disc for me, ask for some money back or are they likely to say its not their problem anymore???

Thanks in advance
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