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Hi guys,

Thought I'd say hello as this is my first post and I have a quick question.

We're doing some adjustments to an Alfa Spider 2003 JTS and hopefully we can get a bit of information about the O2 sensors on here.

Currently, there are a few questions I have that hopefully can be answered:

  • What type (brand/model) of O2 sensors do the Alfa Spider 2003's have in them (pre-catalytic converter) ?
  • How many wires does this O2 sensor have?
  • If it is a four wire O2 sensor, for example, is it possible to change it without too much modification to an aftermarket 5 wire sensor?
  • If possible to change it to a 5 wire sensor, what would a good O2 sensor brand to change it to? (We'd like to play around with the AFRs of the vehicle and Bosch seems to have a lot of 3rd party equipment designed for it, so any Bosch ones that anyone could suggest would be great).
Anyway, I know there's quite a few questions there but any help answering these would be greatly appreciated.

Warm Regards,

Christian Bannard
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