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sorry but ive just got to have a little rant about adrian flux....

every year they send me an A4 sheet of paper saying they will beat any like for like quote...

well this week i rang around abit to see if i could beat my steepily increased quote from AF but like always, the moment i mention AF to any other insurance company they can never beat it....................... untill now!!!!!!

i rang A-plan insurance who didnt just beat AF's quote but used the same insurance company (marker study) as AF did and had better features and cheaper admin costs,

well as AF always say they will beat an exqual quote, i thought id ring them back and see if they would put there money where there mouth is....... and quess what..........


well maybe there quotes would be cheaper if they didnt waste money on sending out stupid claims they cant actualy do!!!!!:rant:

rant over lol :thumbs:
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