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I have a 2002 Alfa 166 3.0 24v Super with only 60k on the clock (after a long period in storage). I have been told I have some corrosion issues and would welcome advice as I am not in the least bit mechanically minded:

1. Front cradle of radiator is badly corroded - what's the best way to address this?

2. Air conditioning is inoperable due corroded condenser. Does anyone know a good source for a replacement/part number? Some threads seems to suggest this is very hard part to replace.

3. All 4 shock absorbers are corroded. There seem to be a wide selection available. Any advice on best manufactorer replacements to go for?

Thanks in advance
WRT to the radiator mount, if it's mostly intact, and you can find someone with the kit, then perhaps having it 3d scanned and a new part 3d printed might be an option. Any rust gaps could be filled in on the scanned file before printing.

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