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I insured my Gt last year with them, this year with an extra years no claims and the fact insurance prices are supposed to have dropped i expected it to reduce this year, when the renewal came through it had not so i contacted them and got the usual reply 'sorry but that how much it is........'

I remembered that someone on here (trade user) works for them so i messaged them the details and my policy was reduced within 24hrs, reason is that as a member of AO you supposed to get a discount (thought it was 15% i got 10%) i did not know this last year.......

Other than that i had declared any mods (eibach ,Koni and slight remap) and in my case it did not affect my policy so it was worth it (i am old with good history), also when i renewed asked wether any of my future mods would make any difference etc, the info i got back has helped me decide what i will do to my car next. some things affect your policy and some don't and i think this is a sensible way to go as your fully covered and it helps you decide financially what you priorities are.

Adrian Flux were useful once you get past the stock responses your emails can get.....

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