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I've just ran alfadaig and it came up with one fault code.

Active fault code - P1173

From what little research i did this is to do with the lambda sensor? I was hoping i would find out why the car's engine wouldn't turn to start. The battery is fine but i think the starter is dead since it cannot even manage to turn the engine half a turn.

This is the full error code, can someone please tell me what to do to sort it out? New Lambda sensor?

Failed Component Code: Self adaptation parameters FRA
Fault Symptom: Above Maximum Limit
Warning Lamp Status: Warning Lamp not Illuminated
Fault Test State: Test complete for this Error or not applicable.
Fault Code Storage State: Error Present at time of request
Event Count: 65 count
Filter Count: 0 count
Environmental Condition One: Engine Speed: 2080 rpm
Environmental Condition Two: Engine Coolant Temp: 84.8 °C

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