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Well, the time has come to say goodbye to the Mito. After selling my 156 3 years we will now be Alfa-less! We have a baby on the way so needed something a bit bigger so we are chopping the Mito in for the new Seat Leon on Friday, seem to get an awful lot of car for your money and to be honest I'm not taken with the Giulietta.

I'm sure I will return to Alfa at some point in the future, possibly when the time comes to swap my Civic for something else. It is pretty boring but I have to say I enjoy it working all the time! I do keep on dreaming of a 159 Estate for some reason, I must be getting old!

So it will be with a sad tear in my eye that we say goodbye to the Alfa on Friday, someone will be getting a very nice car, 09 reg 1.4 120bhp Veloce in Alfa Red with 27k on the clock, but I'm afraid it's time for us to go a bit bigger.

If anyone is interested, I will have the front splitter/spoiler thing off the Mito available, it came off many moons ago and will soon be sat in my garage with no car to even think about being put back on!
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