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Abarth 500 'Esseessse' vs Mini Roadster JCW

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On my way home today about to get onto the R21 at Elephant Road (for those fimiliar to Pretoria its close to the off ramp onto Hans Strydom) I spot a Abarth 500 in the left lane.. So I head towards it.. In the fast lane there is a Mini Roadster JCW..

The Abarth was black with red decals and 'Esseesse' written on its boot and the JCW was black with pink decals (a pretty lady was driving it, and a guy was driving the Abarth). They were both revving the cars so I knew they were gonna gun it.

On paper the Mini Roadster should destroy the Abarth.. 155kw Mini vs 118kw Abarth.

When the lights turned green they both shot off the line.. The Abarth had a clear advantage.. So much so that it swung into the lane the Mini was in.. I really had to give it to the GTA to stick around.. NA at a disadvantage up here. If one of these cars catch you in the GTA in the wrong gear they will embarrace you.. No doubt..

Anyways so for the next 40kms I saw these two cars go at it.. The Abarth in front the Mini on its tail.. Then the Abarth leaps forward and drops the Mini, then the Mini catches up at high speed (175km/h+) and at 200 the Abarth seems to run out off puff and the Mini has the upper hand..

I saw the Abarth slow down, then as the Mini catches up it guns it again, leaving the Mini to do catch up again. They were weaving thru the little bit of traffic they had and clearly having some fun with one another..

The Abarth is seriously quick up to 175km/h, the Mini has the advantage from there on.

But I was very impressed with the Abarth against this Mini.. If that Abarth is stock its a damn strong 118kw car..

It has to be said that off the line they gave the GTA a run for its money, but when the GTA got going they were both no match for it.. While they were driving the wheels off their cars at 180, I was cruising in 5th next to them watching the battle.. :cheese:

If I had a GoPro in the GTA I bet this would have received a large number of hits. Best car battle I have seen.

Respect to the little Abarth :thumbs:
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Having a 595 Competizione (which is the EsseEsse + Koni dampers + Sabelts seats + RM exaust and some other cosmetic things) and a GTA i can confirm any of your words/impressions yster.
The abarth is a pretty fast car up to 175/180 km/h (much faster than you would expect) then it starts to run out of steam... On a straight line the GTA would fly away after that speed, but i feel until 140/150 the Abarth would defend itself fine... on a mountain road, expecially if twisty and with shorts straights the Abarth is quite something to catch.. we had an Italian cars meeting two weeks ago, and we were two Abarths in front, two Ferraris (360 and 355) behind, and when we reached the top of the pass and stopped the guy on the 360 told me that he was quite impressed by "how fast is that squirrel climbing up the mountains"... he said he struggled to keep up and was totally unable to catch us.. of course on a different, longer straight road the story would have been VERY different :D
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