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16V Engine whine noise that increases with RPM??

Had a whine on mine for the past 4 months ( 3,000 miles) but thought nothing of it!

Had mine back from it's 72K service which was slightly overdue... on age and not mileage.... and was told by the mechanic that the cambelt was virtually "hanging off". eek!

Tensioner was fully out but the belt was not at all tensioned and just "fell off" when he removed it....

If you have a 16V with a slight whine on the engine.. get the belts checked... could save you the cost of a more serious replairs later!

I don't think i would have gone another 1,000 miles before the cambelt gave up!

Had the variator changed for good measure too..... :D

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Ohh... meant to say... the engine is now considerably quieter than it was ! :D :D

It wasn't the variator that was making the whine either as i have heard what they sound like when knackered!

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How much of a whine??

Mine whines a bit when you rev it, but it's not that loud.
According to the paperwork the belts and tensioners were done 20k miles ago, but I'm planning to get them replaced next year when I get that damn variator done.
I wasn't too impressed when I went round to my parent's to show off my new car and they asked me if it was a diesel! eek!

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Hi guys
Whines can come from the outside poly belt pulley or a generator on it way out. When I last had the cam and ballancer belts changed I was told the Tensioners were done and it was only due to luck that they hadn't broken. Any whines from them was masked by the poly belt pulley. :confused:
A newer and stronger type of Tension pulleys have been introduced - they are white instead of black.
A diesely variator will normaly go on forever (nearly) if you can stand the noise :( .
Alfisti regards

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HM, i have preety loud '96 2.0 16V (broken exhaust collector) for 2 months now. Two weeks ago the car was standing for 2 days in garage (it was raining when i drove it day before), and next morning when i started engine i heard loud whining for few seconds (then this whining sound fade away) - it sounds like "usual" morning whining of belt.
Can this mean, that it would be good to change belt&tensior? When i bought a car, i was told that belt was changed at 100kkm, now i have 134kkm.
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