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Greetings All,

as per the title I'm newly registered here. I have been "lurking" for awhile, and found this is a great resource for tech info. Who am I? - a simple mechanic living in Queensland, Australia. Why am I on here? - I specialise in competition cars, and one of my new customers has a 147GTA tarmac rally car. It came to me originally just for a "quick check over" before an event (why me? because I'm also the navigator :paranoid: ) but that check over revealed a few "issues".

During the course of a few months we've found and remedied quite a few problems, but there is still more bugs to iron out. So I beg your collective indulgence for my sometimes silly questions. This is the first Alfa I've had the "pleasure" of working on. I'm finding all the usual tricks, and making solutions as I go.

One solution I have, and something I'm sure I am not the first to solve is the starter bolt from hell. First major job I had to do was replacing the clutch, so I now have my very own modified spanner for getting to THAT bolt. Given that this is a competition car, and it's very likely that the gearbox will be on and off a few more times, I've taken the easy way out for the future. I drilled the thread out of the bellhousing, helicoiled the drilling in the starter motor, and now have a socket head capscrew going in from the gearbox side . Turns a major contortionist exercise into a 2 minute job.

I hope to be able to share experiences and tips in the future, to balance out the silly questions.

Regards, to you all!

(Owner, manager and general dogsbody for LouDen Motorsport)
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