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A captain is signing on a new ships crew in Sydney :)

The first up is an Aussie.

The Captain asks him for his discharge book and spends some time looking through it and then starts to question the sailor

"Are you married? what's your wife's name/ how many children do you have? what religion are you? are you close to your parents/ etc. etc. etc."

The bloke can't believe all these questions. He's never been asked all these things when he has signed on ships before :confused:

The next bloke up is a Pom and the Captain looks at his discharge book says very good and tells him to sign on :thumbs:

Aussie can't understand this :confused:

The ship sails and when they get out to sea the sailors are scrubbing the decks and there is a big swell running and a wave comes up and washes the Pom over the side. :eek:

The Aussie goes up on the bridge and say's to the Captain :mad:

"You know when we were signing on yesterday, you wanted to know the ins and outs of a duck's a*se about my private life before you would let me sign on but you just let that Pom sign on without asking him a thing" :tut:

"That's right" said the Captain, "so what about it?" :rolleyes:

"Well next time you should check on him 'cos he's just f***ed off with your mop and bucket" :p
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