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I trust you are all well?
Whilst I am the first to admit,
that I`m a simple man.
I ask the question,
"why,are some members of these Isles,
and others are labled private sector?"
For are we not all members of the
British isle`s,? which have for decades
been a beacon of equality,and fairness,
Giving light and hope,to many in their darkest hours.

If we continue down this slippery slope,
there will be little of the faith,hope, and charity
which I was taught are the corner stones civilisation.
Faith; in your trust of one another,
Hope; in the outcome of any ill`s, conflicts.
Charity: in the knowledge,our actions,gifts,or even words of support.
will help sustain another in need.

There was an out burst of sheer bile,
by a female on the tube,
Which led to an out cry of horror,
inturn leading too death threats,
being targeted towards her.

Public, Private, will these next be the words
of such discord?

Members of various work forces feel they have too strike.
The law, as it stands, states, this is their right.
But too divide the nation, which I love.
into " Public, Private",
Well this is not right.

John the Luddite.:eek:
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