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A little help? Central locking 2000 156 SW

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Hi guys,

My central locking has gone crazy after the car was sitting for two weeks. The boot opens fine from the key fob, but the doors are dead. When I open them with the key they pop back down four times before they stay up. I was told that the brain is behind the left strut tower. After pulling that section open (only one finger wound) I don't find it. Where the heck is it? I have a left hand drive car (Germany) with no alarm system. I don't know if that affects anything.

For the moment I'd be content just disabling the system, but I've never been able to find a proper fuse diagram for the car. Right now I'm going downstairs and plan to pull every fuse until I find the right one. I'd love some pointers on solving this!


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Ha! ... Ha! Ha! Ha! before going into pulling every fuse, I decided to disconnect the battery for five minutes and reconnect. Problem solved, at least for now. I found the advice somewhere on this site. Wish I'd tried it first! We should put that up as a Wiki.

Still... A fuse diagram for this car?
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