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... that's not posh enough for the detailing forum.

I finally have my 164 back -- simply put, it's not been run on a daily basis since September.

Lifting the bonnet, I was saddened to see that, in addition to some less-serious neglect, the intake pipes have developed rust spots - one or two, quite bad.

My question is, can anything be done to them to restore them to their former glory (these were, if not concours, at least in very good condition), short of having them re-chromed?? Or do I have to find replacements for them? :(

Of course, with the current weather situation, and not having a garage to avoid the elements, I'm looking for something that I can do with them in situ for the time being... anything that anyone can suggest as a stop-gap measure, even if just to prevent them getting worse?

Thanks, guys...
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