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A few problems!

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Hi. I've got '92 155TS/8v with remus exhaust and squadra chip. Got a little problem with rearwindow heater and antenna amplifier- both are not working. I even bought a new relay for windowheater/timer, no help. It still burns fuses and doesent work. My radio signal is also very weak- so i guess that the amplifier is not working. Any ideas? Has anybody any suggestions for right size of tire? My car has intrax -45mm springs and sachs advanced shocks. I've got 7x16inch.rims with 205/50/16 et35. And even with two peple load on backseat hears annoying scraping. Is 205/45/16 any better?
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205/45/16 is the correct tyre size.

The 50 profile does not match the calculations you should do, based on the standard wheels/tyres.

This applies to all other italian cars like Lancia Dedra, Fiat Tempra, Tipo 20 16v.

The only intalian car that goes 205/50/16 is the FIat COUPE.

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I think the GTV 2.0 has 205/50x16, though I may be wrong.

Anyways, for the 155 you should use 205/45.

The rear window is also the radio antenna, so if you can fix that the radio should also work,

Ralf S.

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You may have a small break in the rear heated elements.

Does some of it work or not at all? If some works, then the break is where it stops working! Buy some metalised paint from your local car shop and put it across the break.

As Ralf says the wires are the aerial as well and you will get poor or no reception at all if it is broken.

Yup, 205/45/16 is right. Running them on mine with no problems, you can also go to 205/40/17 but might get some rubbing.


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I think the best solution is to fit a "traditional" radio aerial. My first 155 - one of the original widebodies - had a screen aerial which never worked well and I've put standard aerials on two of my 164's. You will note that the late 155's had proper roof aerials rather than screen aerials. By the way, I think the problem may have something to do with location.... I live in Scotland - not many transmitters!

PS The best way to spot breaks in the rear window elements is to get the window all steamed up (!) - the breaks get really hot and de-mist first.
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