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Hello everyone, sorry i haven't popped in for a while but been ridiculously busy at work!!!

I have recently started to get a few minor problems on my 155. In no particular order they are as follows;

1, strong stench of fuel near the filler cap after any journey, have checked the cap and doesn't appear damaged, the neck seal is ok too!

2, Ticking noise from engine which increases in speed inline with RPM, have recently had a service and changed oil to Magnatech 10W40. Car is due a huge service soon tho (72, 000 miles).

3, After braking, say in traffic there is a loud metallic sort of noise from the nsr brake, disc looks ok but i haven't had chance to have the brakes checked out.

4, Squeaking noise from front brakes, more so when steering is turned slightly to the right. Had new discs and pads fitted about 10, 000 miles ago. Discs look worn out already... could it need more new brakes???


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'lo craig!

1. fuel... maybe a leaking tank? when driving it gets sloshed about... maybe there's a leak in the upper area of the tank?

2. Maganatech... crap oil... good for normal cars but the alfa is quit a highly stressed engine. I had magnatech at one point.. made tha same noise... flushed it out and put Motul Fully synth 10/50 in and it's been perfect. The alfa are really fuassy with their engine oil... i wouldn't touch anything apart from fully synth oil now. 10/40 is ok to use... i use 10/40 for the winter and 10/50 for the summer, as the engines run quite warm it sometimes help by putting a highr vioscousity oil in.. hence my choices.

3. sounds as tho either the brake pads have worn down and the bare pad is making the noise... or the disc has worn quite thin... and the 'lip' on the edge of the disc might catching on the caliper when the pad is being pushed down... definately get them checked. You'll usually find the discs get more knackered on the inside, you can't really see them from the outside so all looks ok, just jack up the car and take the wheel off, and check the pads and discs yourself... you'll easily tell if they're gubbed.

4. as above! one thing to check is the calipers.. they are prone to seizing slightly... whenever disc/pads are checked you should really pump the brake piston most of teh way out and push all the back in a load of times to help free up the brakes and make sure all work ok. If they're slightly seized, they'll wear your pads down quick and will probably find one side of the disc is barely being used and brobably now rusted.. will probably go with problem 3 you have.

hope some of this helps! :)

rgrds for now


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Hi Craig

Welcome back wink

1. Similiar post on here recently about fuel smell, turned out to be the filler cap. The tank is pressurised so vapours will find any small leak. Does it hiss when you remove the cap? Check the pipes further down. Someone also replied about a part inside the inner right wing but can't remember what that was :confused:

2. Tappets or variator????

3. Had something similiar when a bit of grit/stone was trapped. Best bet is to strip 'em down and look. Are the inside pads ok?

4. Do you mean squeaking or brake squeal?


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Thanks for the replies chaps, had a peek at the front pads and i have a nice "pebble" wedeged in the pad!!! Nice piece of scoring on the disc which probably means they need replacing but i'll just run it until i get sick of the squeak!!!

The tank filler cap seems to be the problem concerning the fuel vapour smells, no hiss from the tank as before so i'll have to replace it!

The tappetty noise from the engine is only there when it's hot, so i guess it must be shite oil that thins too much when it gets above a certain temp!

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Reg Vardy Dealers in Leicester use Magnatec in all Alfas as the standard oil. You have to specify Seleniam and pay the extra.
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