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I have just got my car back form garage who done mot there work was mmm ok to say the least, £350

i have problems with alfa and am looking for and alfa gararge in merseyside region
who will accept cards as cash is very short at the min


driver door is stuck and can only be open by going though back passenger door its pain a trust me lol

no aircon whats so ever not good as windows steam up quick and hence have to have window down not good as its boltic lol

breaks were a little speaky but some breaker rust remover help with that

temp gauge stayed at 50 but at one point did go to 90 but i was driving the car for 20 mins or more like

petrol level keeps saying yellow and then as i drive her round it goes up but everytime i start it goes back to yellow lol

the nice guys in shop left me what looks like a cover off the fused box lovely considering i paid for this you think they would of put back on!!!

bear in mine its the first time in two and half years that this car has been used so i expect a few issues, but i think it would be best getting it check by people whi actually know alfa

but i must say what a drive the car is and the repsonse is amazing i cant wait to have her in top condition!!!

so if anyone can help or recomend places that can i would and she would be most most grateful :)


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