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Hi eveyone,

Next review is one of a-chems shampoos.

What is it?

Wash and glow shampoo

What does it bring to the table?

- concentrated formula
- ph neutral
- enriched foam
- offers wax protection
- streak and spot free
- silicone free
- added fragrance

Sizes and cost?

Wash and glow come in 4 different sizes, 1 litre, 5 litres, 25 litres and 208 litres. The cost for the sizes are £4.32 for the litre, £7.04 for 5 litres, £29.61 for 25 litres and for the big 208 litres its £184.

Test subject?

A very manky alfa romeo 147

Now on to the review:

The car was snow foamed prior to using the shampoo as there was alot of bits of dirt stuck to it.

Unfortunately i have managed to misplace the before pictures. But i do have the afters.

The shampoo has alot of foam and feels nice and slick on the paintwork.

I applied the shampoo using a chems premium wash mitt which feels soft to the touch and a nice pile on it so it lifts dirt rather than drags.

And for the final results:

The shampoo leaves a nice gloss like finish after rinsing and cut through the grime with ease.

What i think of it?

I like it, really good shampoo that cuts through grime and leaves a nice glossy finish.

- concentrated
- easily glides
- didn't leave any marks on the
- leave protection
- price is on par and cheaper than
other high end shampoos on the

- leaves protection ( only a con if your partial to the water behaviour of a certain wax or sealant)

Links to products used:

Premium wash mitt,
Premium Wash Mitt

Wash and glow shampoo,
Wash and Glow
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