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Hi everyone again,

Next review time.

What is it?

Hi-shine ( solvent based tyre dressing)

Sizes and cost?

Hi-shine comes in 2 sizes, 1 litre and 5 litres. The 1 litre costs £5.32 and the 5 litres costs £12.53. Hi-shine is also available in bigger sizes if you contact a-chem.

What does it bring to the table?

- long lasting
- water repellant
- can be used on engine hoses and
exterior trims aswel as tyres
- restores tyres to original look

Test subject?

Alfa romeo 147

And now on to the review:

The tyres where scrubbed prior to the dressing being applied to provide the best surface for it to work on.

I applied hi-shine using a brush which for me i find easier than using a cloth but you can also apply with a cloth if that was your preference. The constancy of the product is in between liquid and a gel, hard to explain it other than that.


Heres a half and half:

What i think of it?

I like, easy to use and leaves tyres looking nice and fresh.


- leaves tyres looking good
- waterproof
- easy to use
- multiple uses (engine hoses, tyres and exterior plastics)


- none that i can think of at the monent, i will update on the longevity of the product in a few weeks.

Link to the product used:

Hi-Shine (Long Life Tyre Dressing)

As always comments and questions are welcome.

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Me? No, just got the chance to try out a selection of there products and write a review on them, done this for a fair amount of other brands aswel. Just thought i would post up incase anyone wants a read. Posted a few up a while ago from muc off i thjnk and got one coming up for a colour charged wax
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